How to get Free products from amazon, walmart, ebay, target and other stores

There are lots of websites which offers free product from,, and many other stores. Definitely there are conditions to it and some websites offers it for completely free or at discounted price without and conditions to it.


Rebatekey is one of my favorite. Website offers products for free, you will find thousands of products on this website. Products comes at specific time and competition is high so you have to be quick enough to get free products, but you can get highly discounted products. Competition is mainly for free products as quantities are limited. You can get your money back in multiple ways. It trusted website and you will get your money back.

RebateKey gives you direct access to exclusive manufacturers’ rebates for top-selling brands and products. This means you purchase an item and after a 35-day wait, you get a check mailed to your house for whatever you paid for the item in the first place. After you’ve purchased the product you need to report back with your REBATE KEY, which is your order number. Once the seller verifies your order, they will approve the rebate and your rebate amount will be credited to your account (shows on Wallet). We hold the funds for 35 days to make sure there is no error or problem, and after that, we will send you a check.

Basically, the only thing you have to do is find great offers, buy and report your purchase in less than an hour and you’ll get your money back after 35-days.

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NiceDiscount comes at number 2. there are three sections of products. One called deals if you want products from that section you have to submit review on amazon website. Another one is Rating section where you just have to submit rating of products. No need of review for this section. Once you confirm you have submitted rating they will remit money to your paypal account.

Third section is Rebate section. You buy product from this section all you have to wait for product deliver and after few days you will get your money back in Paypal account.

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Rebatest offers wide variety of products on their website. You will have to earn vouchers to get products. Some products are featured and you must write review for those products. Other products you have to provide just feedback about product on Rebatest website. Also you have to maintain a minimum percentage of review rate to keep  getting free products.

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Free products in exchange of reviews. You have to be little careful on this as you have to directly work with sellers directly. Make sure you have sellers email to get your refund.

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Vipon offers lots of products on discounted price. They provide coupons that you have to apply on amazon. No need of review or anything on this website. Perfectly legal to use this website.

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Viralix is almost similar to Vipon. They offers products with discount codes, there are many products you can get coupon for. You have to provide feedbak on viralix though but not on amazon. Most of the coupons are instant but some of the products may need sellers approval.

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Jumpsend offers highly discounted products on amazon. There are lots of products on website. No review needed.

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Why sellers offer free products?

There are multiple reasons for this, here is list of few there could be more that’s what I know so far.

  1. Increasing sales to increase ranking of product on website. So I am not sure how familiar you’re with IT but products on amazon or walmart shows up in search based on algorithm they are suing to rank products. There are multiple factors to it and sales is one of those factors. Other factors are like how old it is, if search keyword is matching, reviews, how many people are buying your product after visiting it and many other factors.
  2. Clearing he inventory to ship new and updated product to amazon or Walmart warehouses.
  3. Let’s say product is expiring soon enough, seller will sell it rather than throwing it away.
  4. Getting reviews in exchange of products. Which is against amazon and other stores policy, well sellers do it anyways.
  5. SEO of product to rank them higher in google search and on store search. Get more visibility of product on internet, get more buyers.
  6. To establish a loyal customer base, if customer likes product they are going to order it again and that’s when you make profit, also sometimes word of mouth publicity can be achieved his way.

Note :- I do not support giving reviews in exchange of free products. Please be advised that it is against amazon policy and they may ban your amazon account.  This article is just for informational purpose and we do not support this.

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